Chuuren poutou/Replays

This is a collection of replays featuring chuuren poutou. The complicated wait patterns enable a wide variety of chuuren poutou tenpai configurations.

1 tile wait

2-3 tile wait

2016-10-27 Player: KyuuAA Rank: 五段 Round: 東 2 局 0 本場
Haipai               Draw:  
Agari               Ron (toimen):  
Source ( Chase for honitsu, then chinitsu, became chuuren.
2016-11-08 Player: 中出役滿娘大好き Rank: 五段 Round: 東 4 局 0 本場
Haipai               Draw:  
Agari               Tsumo:  
Source ( Tenpai just after toimen's riichi.

4-5 tile wait

6-8 tile wait

9 tile wait

2015-11-24 Player: Mikoto Rank: 七段 Round: 東 3 局 0 本場
Haipai               Draw:  
Agari               Ron (kamicha):  
Source ( Early decision for honitsu, which transitioned to a decision for chinitsu with the early yakuhai dora discard.

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