Saikouisen Nihon Pro Mahjong

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Saikouisen Nihon Pro Mahjong
Country Japan
Inception 1976
Leader Mr. Kiyoshi Niitsu, Representative
Members 733

The Saikouisen Nihon Pro Mahjong association (「一般社団法人最高位戦日本プロ麻雀協会」 Saikouisen nihon puro maajan kyoukai, informally called "Saikouisen") is a professional organization of competitive mahjong players.


As of May 2023, Saikouisen currently has 733 members.

Game rules

Saikouisen has changed their game rules in 2023. While the core of the rules seems to not have changed much, the treatment of penalties seems to have been significantly altered compared to past editions.

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