International Online Riichi Mahjong Competition

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The International Online Riichi Mahjong Competition is an annual Tenhou tournament organized by the Korean Mahjong League. In August 2011, the competition originally began as a contest between Korean players and Japanese players. By the third year, the contest expanded to include teams from China, Hong Kong, and Russia.




Year Country Individual
First Second Third First Second Third
2012 South Korea Japan harookie exist 及川冰麗
2013 Russia くるる ;_; ☆逆襲の西☆
2014 Russia South Korea China exist ;_; Reality
2015 South Korea China Japan 黒猫@ぺろぺろ☆ harookie 及川冰麗
2016 Taiwan Japan France まいちぃ tnfsh204 零落星奈
2017 Russia Ukraine Sweden soraru Karolcia Khold
2018 Hong Kong Canada Russia MyZ4iHa 2013612 Gene5i5
2019 Australia Hong Kong Brazil >_0@杏杏軍團 Nihil nigaiki
2020 France Taiwan Ukraine Elisye AlphaFil Misder
2021 South Korea United States Singapore かっしー 2013612 sekaaa
2022 Japan Brazil United States
2023 Japan Indonesia Ukraine rndm しらすA 良心

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