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Publisher NCSoft
Developer NCSoft
Platform PC, Android, iPhone

Janryumon is an application featuring Japanese mahjong. The game is available as an app via Android and iPhone systems.

Janryumon (mobile)

Janryumon is a mobile platform providing both Japanese and English interfaces. The pricing is 150 rents per matches (except the first place), while 300 rents can be acquired daily if the player has no rent in the account.

On January 10th, 2014, the online service to Janryumon has been discontinued. [1]

Shin Janryumon

Shin Janryumon is a PC platform providing only Japanese interface.

Janryumon M (mobile)

Janryumon M is a brand new mobile platform, currently provides only Japanese interface. The online service is started in August 19th, 2020. Unlike Shin Janryumon, it provides free friendly matches as well as a free public room to play.


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