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Mahjong blogs generally contain random information pertaining to the game. That information ranges from current events to game strategy. Given the scope of this wiki, blogs in relation to riichi mahjong are listed.


The blogs here are listed in alphabetical order by blog title.

Blog name Author Language First article date Site Url
福地誠「現」天鳳名人位blog Fukuchi Japanese [1]
齋藤豪 (gousi) / 牛さん gousi Japanese [2]
0xReki's Adventures 0xReki English [3]
Dasuke's Tenhou Blog Dasuke English 2017-07-28 [4]
Jellicode's Jansou Jellicode English Wordpress [5]
Just Another Japanese Mahjong Blog Hongyi English Blogger [6]
Krabman's Mahjong Corner Krabman English, Polish Wordpress [7]
Lady Mahjong Ladyred89 English 2019-09-24 Wordpress [8]
Mahjong Academy Kuan Rong Chan English 2021-10-30 Medium [9]
Mahjong Gem Gemma English [10]
Mahjong Life and Living Kyuu English 2012-06-10 Blogger [11]
Mahjong Mentality LightGrunty English 2020-08-10 WordPress [12]
Mahjong WTF FakeGamerGuy English 2019-02-04 [13]
Mahjongkrazy Blog Sonickrazy English 2012-06-28 Blogger [14]
M League Watch JelliCode English Wordpress [15]
Nicolas Pro Riichi Mahjong Blog Xkime English [16]
Osamuko's Mahjong Blog Multiple English Wordpress [17]
Path of Houou Erzzy English 2019-05-09 Blogger [18]
The Pond SBT English 2019-10-02 Wordpress [19]
XGeo's Mahjong Blog XGeo English 2014-05-07 Wordpress [20]

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