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M.Tournament is an individual bracket style off-season tournament hosted by M.League. The first edition is in 2023. This tournament features all M.League players in the previous season and other top professionals selected by mahjong organizations. The tournament is created so that viewers can get to know some more professionals outside M.League and get a glimpse of these potential future M.League players.


In the initial brackets, a mixture of M.League players and other professional participants compete in an elimination bracket. The 4 players in the champion team are automatically seeded in the 2nd stage and other players start in the 1st stage. Before the finals, players play 2 hanchan on their tables and the top 2 from each table proceed into the next stage. In the finals, the four finalists play another 2 hanchan to determine the winner.


The rules are the same as official M.League rules.


Year Winner
2023 Nanba Shibukawa

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