Pacific Mahjong League

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Pacific Mahjong League
Country USA
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Inception 2013
Leader Kira N
Pacific Mahjong League ruleset
Kuitan, atozuke Ari-Ari
Starting points 25000
Negative score Tobi-nashi
(placement bonus)
Dora settings Aka-nashi

The Pacific Mahjong League (PML) is a competitive riichi mahjong league with regular weekly meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since the summer of 2013, the organization has grown with a steady group of active players. A new chapter opened up in Southern California in 2015. Additionally, the PML writes, prints, and publishes its own books.

Game rules

Cover of PML book
  • Akadora-nashi
  • Atamehane-nashi (including triple ron) Multiple players can win off the same discard. Only the player nearest to the discarder wins bonus points and riichi bets, if any. Double or triple ron is okay.
  • Atozuke-ari
  • Ippatsu-ari
  • Kandora-ari
  • Kanuradora-ari
  • Kuikae-nashi. The penalty for discarding an illegal tile is a dead hand.
  • Kuitan-ari
  • Nagashimangan-nashi
  • Pao-nashi
  • Renchan-ari
  • Renhou-ari Mangan points are awarded for renhou.
  • Ryanhanshibari-nashi
  • Uradora-ari
  • Chombo: offender pays 2,000 to all (free play), 10,000 points off after uma calculations (league)


The Pacific Mahjong League host weekly play sessions, both casual and official record. They also teach and host mahjong at anime conventions such as FanimeCon [1], AOD, and Anime Los Angeles.


The Pacific Mahjong League has hosted and run the following tournaments.

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