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Infobox ruleset ruleset
Kuitan, atozuke {{{ariOrNashi}}}
Starting points {{{outPoints}}}
Ending points
Negative score {{{negaScore}}}
(total ante)
(placement bonus)
Multiple win cases {{{multiWinCase}}}
Call precedence {{{callPrecedence}}}
Dora settings {{{doraSettings}}}
Renchan setting {{{renchanSetting}}}
Abortive draws {{{abortiveSettings}}}
House rules
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{{Infobox ruleset
|ariOrNashi         = 
|outPoints          = 
|inPoints           = 
|negaScore          = 
|okaPoints          = 
|umaPoints          = 
|multiWinCase       = 
|callPrecedence     = 
|doraSettings       = 
|renchanSetting     = 
|abortiveSettings   = 
|specificHouseRules =


Option Values
ariOrNashi ari-ari; nashi-nashi; nashi-ari; ...
outPoints 25,000; 30,000; ...
inPoints 25,000; 30,000; ... Targets should be in parthenses when they are different from the inPoints value.
egaScore Specify whether the game ends or continues, when a player drops below 0 points.
okaPoints Should be 4 * ( inPoints - outPoints ). 0; 20,000; ...
umaPoints 1st: +ww,000; 2nd: +xx,000; 3rd: -yy,000; 4th: -zz,000 ... Place any sashi-uma, shizumi-uma or binta after.
multiWinCase 1 (atamahane); 2 (double ron); 3 (triple ron)
callPrecedence 0.5 s; 3.0 s; ...
doraSettings None; 1+1 only; All; ...
renchanSetting agari-renchan; tenpai-renchan; nanba-renchan; no renchan; ...
abortiveSettings None; All (including 4 kans); All (excluding 4 kans);
specificHouseRules This is where stuff of both primordial significance (wareme, double dora indicators) and useless significance (dragons in ryuuiisou, daisharin) go.


The template page says "Ruleset ruleset", as it is copying the name of the page before adding the word "ruleset".