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|headertitle=Welcome to Japanese Mahjong
|headertext=The main purpose of this Wiki is to provide English speakers easy access and material pertaining to Japanese mahjong.
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|featuretitle=Introduction to Japanese mahjong
|featurearticle=[[Japanese mahjong]], otherwise known as riichi mahjong, (麻雀, 麻将 or マージャン) is the Japanese varation to the 4-player table card game of mahjong, whose objective can be best described as a combination of gin rummy and poker. Even though tiles are primarily used to play the game, the game is available online and can be played with regular mahjong playing cards. It's a four player game that combines the elements of calculation and strategy that is found in chess with the elements of risk assessment, observation skills, and luck.
|editorlisttitle=For editors
|editorlist=* Please join and [[Special:UserLogin|register an account]]!  
* The more help we have, the faster and better the [[Japanese mahjong]] content will be.
* [[Special:RecentChanges]] lists current development. You can also follow that via its newsfeed.
* [[Special:WantedPages]] lists red hyperlinks. Create a page for common red links.
* [[Talk:Main Page]] has the current TODO list and active things.
* [[Special:AllPages]] lists everything. If something needs attention, add it to the [[Talk:Main Page|TODO list]].
* Familiarize yourself with the [[Manual:MahjongTile|MahjongTile]] extension for writing out hands, etc..
* Have a look at [[Project:Editing guidelines]].
|topictitle=Useful Mahjong information
<!--Topic 1-->
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|topic1 = [[Terminology]]
|topiclist1 = [[List of terminology by alphabetical order|By alphabetical order]] - [[List of terminology by usage category|By usage category]]
<!--Topic 2-->
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|topic2 = [[Rules overview]]
|topiclist2 = [[Japanese mahjong|Game rules]] - [[Rule variations]] - [[Tenhou.net]]
<!--Topic 3-->
|topicicon3= Pin 2.png
|topic3 = Key rules
|topiclist3 = [[Furiten]] - [[Ryuukyoku|Exhaustive draw]] - [[Tochuu ryuukoku|Abortive draw]]
<!--Topic 4-->
|topicicon4= Jihai shaa.png
|topic4 = Strategy
|topiclist4 = [[Defense]] - [[Machi|Waits]]
<!--Topic 5-->
|topicicon5 = Jihai hatsu.png
|topic5 = [[Yaku]]
|topiclist5 = [[List of yaku|Yaku list]] - [[Riichi]] - [[Tanyao]] - [[Yakuhai]]
<!--Topic 6-->
|topicicon6 = Man 7.png
|topic6 = [[Scoring]]
|topiclist6 =  [[Scoring table]] - [[Honba]] - [[Oka and uma|End scores]]


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