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I picked up mahjong earlier this year while attending college in Southern California. My Tenhou username is zech. You might occasionally find me on other riichi-related websites, too.

Milestones and yakuman

  • 1st yakuman: non-dealer kokushi musou, single wait on East, ron'd on 2nd discard after reaching tenpai: link
  • First successful nagashi mangan (non-dealer): link
  • First sankantsu, non-dealer haneman with toitoi, tanyao, and 2 dora: link
  • 2nd yakuman: dealer suuankou (shanpon wait): link
  • 3rd yakuman: non-dealer daisangen: link
  • 4th yakuman: haitei suuankou tanki: link
  • 5th yakuman: daisangen with pao: link
  • 6th yakuman: suuankou on the 6th draw: link
- I could've called kan on the 2 discards right before I drew the winning tile, a temptation fortunately resisted.
  • 7th yakuman: kokushi musou, 2-shanten after first draw: link
  • First ryanpeikou, nomi: link

Other personal game highlights

  • Daburu riichi with sanshoku doujun, dora, and ura-dora, for haneman: link
  • Sankantsu w/ rinshan kaihou, worth sanbaiman: link
  • Back to back pinfu wins while furiten (the first furiten was due to a misclick)
  • Baiman chankan (ippatsu, ittsuu, dora 3): link
  • Toitoi + 7 dora, another daburu riichi haneman, and a rinshan kaihou haneman, all in one game: link
  • 4 of the 7 hands had haku as dora, each ending in ron with winning hands having 2 or more haku: link
- Fitting for the Fourth of July!

Longest streak without getting 4th place (Tenhou 0000 lobby only)

  • 25 (latest game in streak played Oct 26, 2015)