Project:Editing guidelines

The following contains general editing guidelines for this entire wiki. These guideline are selected in order to keep all the editors involved here to be "on the same page" and to maintain some level of consistency.

Article use

  • Article pages contain information on various aspects of the game from basic rules, terminology, and strategy.
  • Talk pages are available for each article to be best used for article editing notes, discussion, and debate.
  • Personal pages can be used for every user. Every user has their own userpage. In there, feel free to design your page as you see fit.
  • Sandbox pages can be used by every user to test different Wiki features, text, and coding. Simply change the username to this link: User:KyuuAA/sandbox.

Article titles

For the sake of consistency (if possible), article titles, especially articles dedicated to terminology, use the Romaji form. If not possible, then an English equivalent will suffice. An English form is best used when there is either no Japanese equivalent.

Talk pages

Particularly with talk pages, users are encouraged to leave signatures after comments for identification purposes. This can easily be done by leaving the following text after comments in user talk pages.


Signatures can be modified under "Preferences" using wiki formatting.

English standardization

This article is written in English, despite the usage of numerous Japanese terminology within the articles and article titles themselves. They are simply romanized. Furthermore, American English has been the choice for this Wiki. So, that applies to grammar rules and spelling.

Fix it

For any incorrect information, grammar, etc., feel free to fix it with a good faith edit. It is in the spirit of wiki's for content to be edited at any given time for the sake of improving content.

Game scope

Otherwise known as Riichi mahjong, Japanese mahjong is the general scope of this Wiki. Therefore, all other mahjong variations are not to be included here. Nevertheless, any material pertaining to Japanese mahjong either from referenced work and/or original material from game play experience may be included here.


Numerous images are used throughout the articles. Users have special privilege to upload images, with the upload tool. They are free to upload any article specific images, that includes user pages. When uploading images, be sure to apply a category to the image typed in the "Summary" box. The image categories can be found here.

Currently, there is no copyright policy in this Wiki regarding images. This may be addressed in the future.

Outside links

It is best practice to collect outside links and gather them under a section labeled as External links at the bottom of the page.

Do not make this section to list categories. Categories appear in their own box at the end of the page, regardless of their position in the source code. If you made the External links section nonetheless, it would appear empty.

As a corrolary, to make use of an External links subsection, it is encouraged to provide some relevant links into that section. Blogs, game links, Youtube video, regular Wikipedia (particularly Japanese Wikipedia), and the like are fair game. Unlike regular Wikipedia, relevance is taking more precedence than reliable. Although, reliable sources are preferred.


For now, links from prove to be the most convenient, as the game allows players access to their replays via provided links. Likewise, those games do not expire for an extended period of time. So far, some games dating to 2008 or 2009 are still available for viewing. Despite the reliance on, other game sources and/or YouTube may be used for reference purposes.

Just to set a standards, most replays are accepted. As a general criteria for these replays, the hand featured must be interesting. Games played by "NoName" are to be discouraged but cannot be rejected either. Any game played by "NoName" cannot be credited, by virtue of that ID as a general ID. Such games can be used in general articles, where ID is irrelevant. Nevertheless, if the game is interesting enough, then such games are deemed acceptable. Games with player disconnects are even more discouraged, yet they sometimes may not be helped. Disconnects ruin the game dynamic, as one player is relegated as a tsumogiri bot (default discarder). Once again, if the hand is interesting enough, then these games can also be accepted.

Replay collections

A number of pages hold collections of replays, particularly that of yaku. To be included on the replay pages, they are to be processed to display some meta data and a short commentary. The replay template shows some required fields.


To the West, this game is a little known game. However, thanks to a few anime like Akagi and Saki, the game has taken a limelight. A number of published work regarding the game exists. Unfortunately, they are mostly printed in Japanese. So, players unfamiliar with the language do not have easy access to this material.