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Sega MJ

Sega MJ splash page
Publisher Sega
Platform PC, Android, iOS

Sega MJ is a mahjong platform by the game developer, Sega.

Basic user guide

Login screen

The client can be downloaded from the official site. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Upon launching the client for the first time, after clicking through the splash screen and warning message, the following screen (or something similar) should be visible:

The Login Screen for Sega MJ
  1. The main Login button. The game automatically generates an MJM ID and password when it is first launched on a new device, which can be seen after clicking Login. This button should not be clicked if the player already has a previous account.
  2. ID input. If the player has a previous MJM or SEGA ID, click this button to enter their details. They can then be saved for automatic login.
  3. Cache clear. This clears all the downloaded files for things like voice clips, table themes, and other images used by the game.
  4. Offline mode
  5. Privacy Policy. This will link to SEGA's webpage (in Japanese) where their privacy policy can be read.
  6. Website. Links to the main page of SEGA MJ.
  7. News. Also links to their website, but to the news section instead.

Creating an account

Creating an account is fairly straightforward. After logging in, the avatar can be customized and account settings initialized.

Enter the public-facing nickname for the account here. If the name is valid, pressing Enter or clicking/touching outside of the entry box should show an "OK" button.

Avatar selection. This selects the default character for the account.

Select which region of Japan the account should be associated with.

The final terms agreement, which states to play in a good manner and not to hack player data. The green button is to accept, and the red to cancel.

After accepting these terms, the main lobby should be launched. Some items may have to be downloaded. In general, the green button is to accept and the red button to cancel.

Main Lobby

The main lobby for Sega MJ.

Remember these terms as they will appear a lot:

  • Tonpuusen (東風戦): East wind only games. Sega abbreviates it often as tonpuu (東風) in their buttons.
  • Sanma (三麻): Three player games. These are hanchan (半荘) in which players play East and South rounds, but with only three players, so only three rounds per wind.
  • Hanchan (半荘): A new addition to SEGA MJ, these are East and South wind games.

Free Rooms

  1. Free play against other online players. Accounts can rise all the way to 1st dan in these rooms, but no higher.
  2. Play against CPU bots.
  3. Create a private room to invite friends to play.
  4. Training rooms to learn the basics and even some intermediate tactics through a structured lesson plan.


  1. The Casino, where MJ chips, Gold, and Casino chips can be spent on slots, video poker, and mahjong pachinko.

Ranking (paid) Rooms

  1. League. Always available, players can compete in a weekly league, with prizes being awarded to the top players in their randomly assigned pool, sorted by division.
  2. Tournament. Players can compete in a 4-week long tournament with 4 stages, with the chance to face real riichi pros and chips being awarded to the top players in each stage. Late entry is permitted but costs Gold to do.
  3. Ikkyokusen. A single hand mode where chips/gold are paid to enter, and a jackpot is given to the winner of the hand based on the size of the hand.
  4. Gamble tables. For high rollers, a small house fee is collected on each game, but a large amount of chips are gambled. Sanma only, every point matters when determining payout.
  5. Event tables. Changes from week to week, but generally follows the same structure and offers limited time prizes for playing.


  1. Logout.
  2. Settings. Volume, level of effects, and more settings can be changed here.
  3. Mailbox. Certain winnings and other messages will be opened here.
  4. My Data. Stats on performance as well as current scores in each of the modes are available here.
  5. Replays.
  6. My Items. Inventory, where purchased items can be equipped.
  7. Shop. Purchase items that cannot be won from the gacha here.
  8. MJ Gacha. Try your luck with the many kinds of gacha here. One spin of the free gacha daily!

Reward system


There are three types of currencies in Sega MJ:


NOTE: When purchasing an item or entry that can be purchased with MJ Chip or Gold, SEGA MJ will always spend gold first! This is the currency you will receive if you pay cash. Gold can be used on almost everything in the entire game, except the Chip Gacha. This includes all mahjong rooms, the casino, and all the gachas except the Chip Gacha. Things that are gold only include most gachas (including Character, special Event, and Voice Gachas), buying tickets in bulk at a reduced rate, buying into tournaments late, and nickname changes.

MJ Chip

NOTE: When purchasing an item or entry that can be purchased with MJ Chip or Gold, SEGA MJ will always spend gold first! This is the "free" currency. Prizes awarded from inside the game will usually be given in MJ Chip. These prizes can be won from scoring +50 over 8 games in the free rooms twice per month, from placing A rank or higher in events, placing top position in the league or tournaments, or finishing a challenge card. It can be used for playing in ranked, event, or gamble rooms, used on the Chip Gacha (not all gachas), and used in the casino. The main restrictions with MJ Chip as opposed to Gold are the majority of gachas and cosmetic items.

Casino Chip

These are very straightforward and the newest currency of all. They are only found inside chests from finishing challenge cards or placing A rank or higher in events. They can only be spent on casino games.


An example of a (Bingo) Card awarded in Sega MJ.

Occasionally, upon opening a treasure chest or ranking up, a card may be received. Cards can be equipped under the My Item tab, and then by selecting Card Binder, clicking the card, and clicking the left arrow. Cards can only be progressed in League, Tournament, and Event rooms. Cards will have tonpussen or sanma written on them, denoting the mode they can be progressed in. Free rooms and Gamble rooms will not work. There are two kinds of cards:

Bingo Cards

These cards will have 9 spots, more similar to Tic-Tac-Toe than Bingo. Completing a line will get the reward (usually a treasure chest) at the end of the line. Spaces can be filled in by winning hands with the specified mahjong tile on the Bingo Card space in hand. It does not have to be the last tile drawn/ron, any tile in the hand will fill the space.

Challenge Cards

These cards will have a specific goal for you to accomplish, for example getting 1st place in a match. Upon completing the goal, the card will award you the chests noted on it.

Rank Up Bonus

As an account progresses up the rating system, each new level (from 10th kyu to 10th dan) will award a bonus the first time the account achieves it. After 10th dan, these rank up bonuses are no longer awarded.


Treasure chests can sometimes drop medals, and they can also be obtained by selling avatar items that are no longer wanted or that are duplicates. These medals can be used in a medal shop in-game. There are items to be purchased there including clothes and accessories for default characters, backgrounds, borders, and a small list of music (BGM).

Gacha (ガチャ)

The gacha screen in Sega MJ.

In SEGA MJ, each gacha specifically denotes what can be obtained from rolling it, and a catalog of all items of that gacha can be seen by clicking the green magnifying glass button. This catalog does not exist for the daily free gacha, chip gacha, and SP chip gacha.

As an example, in this screenshot:

  • The BORDER BREAK gacha is the current event gacha, with limited time items. There will usually be at least one event gacha at the very start.
  • The SP character gacha (SPチャラガチャ)is next, with the small 3 in the red circle denoting that there are 3 active SP character gachas currently available. The first two are new sets that can be rolled to guarantee a character from the new set, while the last one is always the entire backlog of non-limited characters released. These gachas will always drop an SP character.
  • The Avatar gacha (アバターガチャ)drops borders and backgrounds can be placed behind SP characters as well as default avatars.
  • The SP Voice gacha (SPボイスガチャ)drops voice packs.
  • The BGM gacha drops background music that can be heard during a game of mahjong, and can be changed to play during specific rounds, before or after riichi.
  • The GOLD gacha drops challenge cards, medals, or avatar items. It does not drop SP characters.
  • The MJ chip gacha (チップガチャ) drops the same as the GOLD gacha, but uses MJ chips to roll instead of GOLD.
  • The daily free gacha (無料ガチャ)drops the same as the GOLD gacha, but can only be rolled once per day. It does not cost anything to roll.

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