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| player      =
| playerrank  = 
| character   = 
| date        =
| windround   = 
| roundnumber = 
| honba       = 
| haipai  = 
| draw    = 
| hand    = 
| off     = <!--"tsumo". For a ron, put "Kamicha", "Toimen", or "Shimocha"-->
| agari   = 
| url     = 
| comment = 
player Player name.
character Player's selected character.
playerrank Mahjong Soul rank. Default is Novice 1.
date Date of the replay. Can be found on the url itself.
windround Wind round. Valid values: E, S, W; East, South, West; east, south, west.
roundnumber Wind round number. 1, 2, 3, or 4.
honba Honba count.
For windround, roundnumber, and honba, the default is East Round 1 Honba 0.
haipai Start hand
draw Initial tile draw. If the player had made a tile call as the first draw, then indicate using using "tiles" 4x (chii), 5x (pon), or 6x (kan).
hand Finished hand. For open hands, use the 8z "blank tile" as a spacer between closed tiles and called tiles.
off For a tsumo, do not include or note "Tsumo". For a ron, put "Kamicha", "Toimen", or "Shimocha", as appropriate.
agari Winning tile
url Source link
comment Short description of the hand and conditions during hand development.