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RonRon logo
Platform PC/Browser
Year 2004

RonRon 「ロンロン」, formerly known as Ron2 「ロン2」 is an online mahjong platform. This service is particularly supported by the Japan Professional Mahjong League, as it offers players the ability to play its members.

Game rules

The platform utilizes ari-ari rules. Rules pertaining to open tanyao and kuikae are applicable.


The older RonRon replay interface.
The current RonRon game interface using the older logo.

As of early April 2022, the game interface was released with a revamped gamedesign. Tsuno of was commissioned to redevelop the game. The game essentially gained the look and feel of

In July 2022, the site's name was officially changed to RonRon, alongside a new logo.[1] [2]


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