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2015-06-25 Player: avg Rank: 7級 Round: 東 3 局 2 本場
Haipai Draw:
Agari Ron (Toimen):
Source (Tenhou.net) A quick pon of hatsu led this player to push a honitsu which quickly turned into a viable ryuuiisou. The lack of calls and the early tenpai makes this victory rather stunning.
2015-08-26 Player: ミヒャエル Rank: 六段 Round: 東 2 局 0 本場
Haipai Draw:
Agari Ron (Kamicha):
Source (Tenhou.net) With 10 tiles of 14 needed, this hand pointed towards ryuu iisou early. Quick pons of hatsu and 6s lead to a 3-way hidden wait after only 6 discards, into which kamicha dealt immediately.
2016-10-10 Player: りっきーやん Rank: 三段 Round: 東 2 局 2 本場
Haipai Draw:
Agari Ron (kamicha):
Source (Tenhou.net) Tenpai for yakuhai and honitsu, but winning tile declined with intent for the yakuman. Instead, the winning tile is called for pon. After the hand goes into furiten, a furiten tile was discarded; and later, the hand escapes furiten by going to dora hadaka tanki.


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