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The Anime Central Mahjong Tournament is an annual Japanese mahjong tournament held within the Anime Central convention in Rosemont, IL. The tournament is hosted by the Chicago Area Mahjong club.


# Year Participation 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Format Ruleset
1 2011 ## Josh No record
2 2012 16 Tony Brian Ben Koma Elimination bracket
3 2013 16 Taka Brian Kenton Spencer 2-Hanchan rotation plus final
4 2014 20 Taka Aaron Erik Adam 2-Hanchan rotation plus final
5 2015 24 Sue Vincent Brent Jason 2-Hanchan rotation plus final
6 2016 24 Taka Kevin S. Caleb Vincent 2-Hanchan rotation plus 8 person elimination
7 2017 28 William Freya Aaron Brendan 3-Hanchan rotation PML system plus 8 person elimination
8 2018 28 Daniel Brian Taka Emily 3-Hanchan rotation plus 8 person elimination rules hybrid
9 2019 32 Hirotaka Vivian Dustin Kevin Z 3-Hanchan rotation plus 8 person elimination rules hybrid
- 2020 Cancelled because of Anime Central cancellation due to COVID-19 pandemic[1]
An online tournament was hosted for the 2020 edition.[2]
- 2021
- 2022 No tournament held because of Covid-19 concerns regarding Anime Central[3]

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