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Doman Mahjong is a mahjong side game within the massively multiplayer online game, Final Fantasy 14. Located within the Gold Saucer, players have the ability to play each other in a game. It is one of many games within the MMO for players to choose from.


Doman Mahjong uses the same rules as regular Japanese mahjong. The following rule variations are in play:


  • Players start with 25,000 points.
  • There is no target score.
  • There is no oka or uma. Ranked points change based on placement only.
  • Kuitan is always allowed in ranked matches. It may be disabled in friendly matches.
  • Kuikae is not allowed.
  • Atozuke is enabled.
  • Double ron is allowed.
  • 3 red fives.
  • Dealer keeps seat if in tenpai during exhaustive draw.
  • Kan during riichi may be declared so long as it does not change the waits.
  • Nagashi mangan is allowed. It cannot be claimed if the player's own hand is open. It is not treated as a win for wind rotations/honba/riichi bets.
  • Abortive draws (Nine terminals abortion, three ron calls, four kans (separate), four same wind discards) allowed. No draw for four riichi.
  • For four kan abortion, declaring a 5th kan when a player is tenpai for suukantsu triggers the draw.

End of game

  • Having a negative score ends the game. Having 0 points does not end the game.
  • If dealer is 1st place in All Last, the game automatically ends on dealer tenpai or win.
  • At the end of the game, remaining riichi bets go to first place.
  • End-of-game ties are broken by seat order in the first round. First dealer wins ties, followed by second dealer, then third dealer.



  • By default, the tiles in the dora area display the dora itself, not the dora indicators. For example, if 2-man is shown in the dora section, the dora is 2-man, not 3-man. This can be changed in the settings.

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