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These are the clubs and organizations that play and promote riichi mahjong outside of Japan. Clubs are both indexed in a relative order and geographically to aid with sorting. Geographical sorting may occur based on a standard geographical classification used in the country, state, postal code, or following a general direction. If none are available, a generic direction should be used (North, South, East or West).


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
01 -- Buenos Aires Club Argentino de Mahjong (CAM)


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
Sydney Australian Riichi Mahjong Association Sydney area club, equipped with an autotable


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
São Paulo Riichi Mahjong São Paulo São Paulo based club FB


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
01 QC Montréal Club Riichi de Montréal We meet regularly every 14 days on Sunday from 12:00 to whenever (17:00 to 20:00) in Montreal. The club consists of a dozen of people, mostly skilled players who have been playing for the last 5 to 10 years. Beginners welcome, we do teach. Basic website and e-mail up, more coming soon. Facebook page

02 ON Waterloo Riichi Canada-Waterloo Division We meet weekly, currently 7:00 PM on Mondays at the UW Graduate House. Players are all relatively new, but some are experienced. No website yet; for inquiries, contact User:Coppro. N/A
03 ON Toronto Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) We meet online on Tenhou at 8pm every Tuesday with Bi-weekly real-life meetups on certain Tuesday evenings at For the Win Cafe along with other meetups.

TORI Website TORI Discord

04 BC Vancouver UBC Mahjong Club We meet daily on weekdays, a few dozen people playing, with usually a couple tables up and running at any time. N/A


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
00 -- -- Mahjong Chile Facebook


01 05 Valparaiso Mahjong Valparaiso Instagram
02 14 Valdivia Watashi no i ~ pin
03 13 Santiago Chombo Gang Instagram
04 13 Santiago Los majos del Mahjong University Club


Index Province City Name Description Contact
01 Jiangsu Nanjing Naniwa Club (浪速/Langsu) 5+ locations in the city. 20+ autotables in total. Info

Czech Republic

# Location Group Name Description Contact
Ostrava USMA Ostrava Meetings on Saturdays depending on persons' avaliability ,


# Location Group Name Description Contact
1 Otaniemi, Espoo アールト大学麻雀部 Aalto Daigaku Maajanbu Aalto Daigaku Maajanbu ry (or アールト大学麻雀部) is an Espoo-based association founded in September 2013 to bring together players of Riichi mahjong and promote mahjong at Aalto University. and #aaltomahjong on IRCNet


Index Dept. Location Name Description Contact
33 Bordeaux, France FuritenYa - Club de Mahjong Bordelais
00 94 Sucy en Brie Fédération Française de Mah-Jong
16 92 Puteaux Tri Nitro Tiles (TNT) Host of the 2014 World Riichi Mahjong Competition TNT
20 75 Paris Red Eyes Riichi
22 34 Montpellier Nanikiru "We gather twice or 3 times per month on saturday afternoon. The club consists of about 10 people, mostly begginers that are learning the game for a few months now and a couple of experienced players. Hence, novice and skilled players are welcome."
32 13 Marseille Chuuren potos Marseille We gather 4 times a week in two venues: every friday, saturday and sunday at our jansō in La Plaine area, and every thursday in a game bar called Le Nain Jaune. There are about 15 regulars and a few players that come from time to time, with all ranges of level. We are always happy to teach mahjong and help players get stronger so no need to be shy!

Ari-ari rules.


# Location Group Name Description Contact
Frankfurt a.M. ron⁵ ronronronronron on
Cologne Kölner MAHJONGista "We gather and play around twice a week (mostly on Mondays and Thursdays). We welcome people at any level of experience - Don't worry, we can even teach you how to play!"
Facebook page
Göttingen Simon N. "We play live games using the EMA ruleset. I also like kuitan ari, akadora nashi. We're always happy to meet new players!" Website with email address
Cologne / Köln Rinshan Kaihou Cologne Young Mahjong group in Cologne consisting of players learning up to challenging tournament players across europe. We meet up at least twice a week at our home and play. Mahjong nights accompagnied with beverages and food are held weekends. New players with any play level are very welcome. We teach the game to a high level and proper manners. We want to expand our club and make Riichi Mahjong more popular in the region of Cologne/Bonn. Even if you are here from a different country, we are multilingual (German, French, English, Dutch, Japanese). We even have japanese players playing. So come up and attend this fantastic game.


# Location Group Name Description Contact
01 Jakarta Asosiasi Riichi Mahjong Jakarta Raya Riichi Mahjong club for Jabodetabek area. We play to improve ourselves at mahjong and most importantly have fun. Newcomers welcome! Calvin Adiputra /
Komunitas Riichi Mahjong Indonesia -
02 Jakarta Karasuma Riichi Mahjong Club Jakarta Session on Sundays at Universitas Negeri Jakarta. Putu Witra Pratama /
03 Malang Malang Mahjong Community (MMC) We play and have fun at Online or IRL mahjong or even tournament, anyone new at mahjong is welcome to join here and learn together. Just join us at HD'R Comic Cafe bunga coklat street no 11 and have fun. MMC FB groups / MMC FB page
04 Bandung Mahjong Bandung Bandung mahjong club with a flexible schedule and location depending on the players' availability. Mago Hanafi /
05 Surabaya Riichi Mahjong Surabaya Meetup every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Tabletoys Board Game Store & Library. Maria Wenny /
David Lee /
06 Bali Balinese Mahjong Federation Flexible location depending on players' votes. Mostly new players still learning how to play. Indra Yudhihartana /
07 Yogyakarta Jogja Mahjong-Bu Full of wibu. Playing online on L5757, irl meetup anytime anybody wants to snuggle. Jambu / General Riichi Indonesia


# Location Group Name Description Contact
Mexicali, Baja California. 国士無双 KOKUSHI MUSOU We play japanese mahjong at events. Site



# Location Group Name Description Contact
Warsaw Szymon "We have Mahjong Club in Poland, Warsaw, with meetings every sunday to play and learn Mahjong. In case anyone would like to come and play: we welcome everyone."
Katowice USMA GZM Metropolis We play regularly every Wednesdays and Saturdays sometimes on Sundays and Fridays as well
Bielsko-Biała USMA Bielsko Fledging club, meetings 1-2 times per month
Kraków Krakow Chombo Club We play quite irregularly, every week or two. Please visit our Discord server and ask when are we playing!


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
-- -- Moscow Reach Mahjong Club "Tesuji" (Риичи-маджонг клуб «Тесудзи») Entrance fee is 250 RUB [about 8 USD].


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
01 -- Nee Soon South C.C Sport Mahjong Club Riichi Maajan (SMCRM) WRC Rules. Session on every Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. Competitive Environment. Players rating and ranking system included.


Index Geo. Location Name Description Contact
Murcia, Spain The 13 Orphans Mahjong Club
Madrid, Spain Mahjong Madrid Growing Mahjong association in Madrid, Spain. We mostly play MCR and go to tournaments when it's possible.


# Location Group Name Description Contact
Linköping Linköping Riichi Mahjong Association (LiRMA) EMA rules. "We gather to play on sundays at 16:00, in Colosseum in C-huset on Campus Valla. Anyone is welcome to come and participate, or just come by and visit us." There are players willing to play with kuitan ari and kuikae nashi if desired. LiRMA Website
Växjö drob "We’ve a budding mahjong club"
Enköping mikolan Two roommates with a take set looking for people to play with.


# Location Group Name Description Contact
Kyiv Tempai EMA rules, riichi-only (no MCR)

United Kingdom

# Location Group Name Description Contact
Belfast, N.Ireland Belfast Mahjong Dojo Beginner-orientated group focused on learning and playing Riichi Mahjong. Happy to teach newcomers! Meetup Group Facebook page
Cardiff "Feel free to come along even if you don’t know how to play, I’m happy to teach you."
Guildford Guildford Mahjong Club We meet every 2 weeks at the Guildford Institute and welcome new and experienced player
Leeds Leeds Riichi Mahjong
Oxford, London, Reading "Occasionaly have a bunch of Japanese/English people that can play if you fancy, feel free to join."
London Pingu "I’m based in London UK, would love to find some players for a regular live game. I’m a 5Dan player on Tenhou with 600+ Hanchans logged and a rating high of 19XX."
Manchester Manchester Japanese Mahjong Club Manchester Japanese Mahjong Club
UK UK Mahjong Association Encouraging and promoting the playing of Mahjong in the UK.

United States

# Location Group Name Description Contact
Atlanta, GA Atlanta Riichi Club Atlanta Riichi Club
Atlanta area Greater Atlanta Mahjong
Austin, Texas Longhorn Riichi We teach and play Riichi! We hold events including weekly in-person game sessions. Although we prioritize UT Austin students, we do allow non-affiliated players to player with us. Join our Discord server for more information! longhornriichi.comDiscord Server Invite
Chicago area Chicago Area Mahjong Players C.A.M.P. Mahjong group representing the Chicagoland area. Sessions held weekly in Schaumburg. We center around Chicago and other Midwestern based anime conventions, especially Anime Central. CAMP FB Page
Colorado Springs, CO Colorado College Mahjong Club A mahjong club at Colorado College. Active during school year. Mahjong at CC
Crestview, FL Panhandle Mahjong Riichi group within the Florida panhandle
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX DFW Riichi Mahjong Community Riichi group for the Dallas-Fort Worth area DFW FB page
Dekalb, IL NIU Mahjong Riichi group at Northern Illinois University NIU Mahjong
Detroit area Southeast Michigan Mahjong Meetup page
Evanston, IL Northwestern University Riichi Mahjong Sessions held weekly at the University during the academic school year. Check page for more details. NURM FB Page
Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong Facebook Page
Milwaukee area Milwaukee Mahjong Group [1]
New York City, NY Nippon Club
New York City, NY USPML USPML Home
New York City, NY Riichi Nomi Riichi Nomi Website
Oklahoma Oklahoma Mahjong Oklahoma mahjong group headquartered in Tulsa, OK. Satellite chapters in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater and Mustang. Oklahoma Mahjong Group Facebook Page
Portland, OR Portland Area Mahjong
Rochester, NY Nine Gates Mahjong Club Club page
San Francisco, CA
(Bay Area)
Pacific Mahjong League We meet every other week in Danville, CA.
Southern California

Pacific Mahjong League - SoCal Chapter

We meet monthly in or near Torrance, CA.
Seattle area Seattle Mahjong Group [2]
Seattle area NSC Mahjong Club Club based at North Seattle College [3]
Tennessee Middle Tennessee Riichi Club Nashville based club [4]
Washington DC Washington MahJong Meetup DC area group [5]
Washington DC DC Riichi Mahjong Club Riichi group that meets weekly in DMV area

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