Northwestern University Riichi Mahjong

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Northwestern University Riichi Mahjong
Country USA
Location Evanston, IL
Inception April 2018
Leader Mitchell Smith
Northwestern University Riichi Mahjong ruleset
Kuitan, atozuke ari-ari
Starting points 25,000
Ending points
Negative score Game Ends
(total ante)
20000 (5000 per player)
Multiple win cases Double Ron Ari
Call precedence Pon overrides Chii
Dora settings All
Renchan setting Tenpai-Renchan
Abortive draws All
House rules
Any variable rules, upon agreement

Northwestern University Riichi Mahjong (NURM), is a Riichi mahjong club within the Chicagoland area, based in Evanston, Illinois at Northwestern University. Regular meetups are held at Northwestern University's Evanston campus on a weekly basis during the academic school year and during the summer. The group had been active since its inception in April 2018, was disbanded in 2021 due to COVID-19.

Any and all players who are interested are welcome to join, regardless of skill level. While NURM is built around NU students, we also regularly host non-NU players.

Meetup Information

  • Norris University Center (1999 Campus Dr. Evanston, IL 60208)
  • Active September to June annually

Game Rules

Ruleset strictly adheres to Tenhou L0 Rules.

The complete ruleset can be found here. As a general rule of thumb, any ruleset is allowed as long as there is unanimous agreement at a given table.

NU Tournaments


Date Event Type Players Results Ruleset Source
2019/04/13 NURM 2019 Spring Open Individual 17 First: Steve Augustin
Second: Aaron Ebejer
Third: Hirotaka Takeuchi
NURM Modified
Official Ruleset


Date Event Type Players Results Ruleset Source
2018/10/12 NURM Invitational Individual 8 First: Mitchell "mwsmws22" Smith
Second: incertia
Third: Kon Aoki
NURM Modified
Official Ruleset
2018/11/02 NURM Team Tournament Team 12 First: Yuuki, Mitchell "mwsmws22" Smith, Izuho Suzuki Saki Teams Modified
Official Ruleset

Notable Members/Alumni

Class Name Role Description Favorite Yaku
2002 KyuuAA Alumni Head of Chicago Area Mahjong. Club regular attendee. Honorary class of 2002. Chankan
2014 D.Sierra Alumni Founder of the first iteration of NURM. Now plays with LAPOM. Pinfu
2018 鳥星雨 Alumni Founder of the current iteration of NURM. Former president and admin. Now plays with LAPOM. Menzentsumo
2019 incertia Alumni Regular participant within the NURM online community. Active within USPML. Riichi
2021 Mitchell Smith
Alumni Club President. Two time winner of NURM tournaments. Sanshoku doukou
2021 Yuuki Alumni Regular participant online and in person. Team ace, and summer session leader. Created this wiki page. Ippatsu

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