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Kanji 亜両面
English Pair-attached open wait
Fu Pair dependent
Tile types waiting 2 sided wait
Tiles available 6 tiles
Pattern example Tile-3s.pngTile-4s.pngTile-5s.pngTile-5s.png

Aryanmen 「亜両面」 is a variation on the ryanmen waiting pattern, where the two tiles completing the sequence are next to a pair of one of the waiting tiles. As a result, the hand also has a pair wait on that tile. It is generally a weaker wait, however, as the pair uses up two of the eight possible waiting tiles, leaving only six possible tiles to win off of.

Tile pattern

Tile-unknown.pngTile-unknown.pngTile-unknown.pngTile-5m.pngTile-5m.pngTile-6m.pngTile-7m.pngTile-unknown.pngTile-unknown.pngTile-unknown.pngTile-unknown.pngTile-unknown.pngTile-unknown.png Waiting for: Tile-5m.pngTile-8m.png

In this example, the underlying ryanmen wait is based on the 67m, but additionally, 567m can be viewed as a complete sequence, in which case the other 5m creates a pair wait.


When aryanmen is won with the waiting tile not already present in hand, the wait can only be interpreted as a ryanmen wait, and it will score 0 fu.

When aryanmen is won with the waiting tile already present in hand, it can be interpreted as either a tanki or ryanmen wait. In this case, the highest-scoring option must be chosen. Normally, this will be the 2 fu for a tanki wait, but if the hand qualifies for the pinfu yaku, that will be scored instead.

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