Sanmen nobetan

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Sanmen nobetan
Kanji 三面ノベタン
English Triple pair wait
Fu 2 fu
Tile types waiting 3 sided wait
Tiles available 9 tiles example

Sanmentan is an extension to nobetan, which utilizes multiple tanki (pair waits). While nobetan uses two, sanmentan uses three. Sanmentan is recognizable as a pattern of seven consecutive tiles. Always, the wait pattern utilizes a whole suji triple, like 2-5-8.

Tile pattern

  • Agari: , , or


Since the pattern seeks to complete the pair, this pattern is awarded 2 fu. It counts for the pair wait, despite multiple instances of it.


This waiting pattern is always a string of 7 numbered tiles. Within this string of 7 tiles, two sequential tile groups can be formed, which may be shifted depending on the paired tile. To determine the tile wait with this pattern, especially when a hybrid complex pattern is involved, the player needs to identify which tile will be the paired tile in the hand.

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