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Kanji エントツ
Fu Triplet dependent
Tile types waiting 3 sided wait
Tiles available 7 tiles
Tenhou.net example

Entotsu 「エントツ」 is a combination wait pattern, that utilizes two basic patterns: ryanmen and shanpon. Together, the pattern produces a 3-sided wait, or waits on three tile types.

Tile pattern

Waiting for: , , or

The pattern consists of middle numbered tiles and an extra pair of any other tiles. If the numbered tiles included terminals, then the pattern is a simple shanpon.

Example: Not entotsu

Waiting for: or

If a 10-man tile exists, then this would be entotsu; but of course, that is not the case.


This tile pattern does not reward fu on its own. Instead, fu is earned via the composition of the triplet. Regardless of the winning tile, the pattern guarantees one triplet.

Double entotsu

Waiting for: , , , or

The wait pattern can be doubled, such that it occurs into one hand. Essentially, they can be viewed as a pair of ryanmen. However, this pattern is not possible without the entotsu patterns.

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