List of chuuren configurations

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This is a list of various iterations and permutations for the yakuman, chuuren poutou. Only the pure chuuren produces a multiple tile wait, where the result produces yakuman. For all others, a single tile type completes the yakuman, while any other waiting tiles results in chiniisou.

Tenpai configurations

Tenpai Yakuman Chiniisou Machi
Pure Any numbered 1-9
(same suit)
None Shanpon, Tanki, Penchan, Ryanmen
1-2 Shanpon, Penchan
1-3 Aryanmen, Kanchan
1-4 Shanpon, Ryanmenten
1-5 Shanpon
1-6 Tanki, Ryanmenten
1-7 Entotsu
1-8 Shanpon
1-9 Tanki, Ryanmenten
2-1 none Kanchan
2-3 Kantan, Ryanmenten
2-4 Ryanmen, Nakabukure
2-5 Ryanmen, Nobetan, Ryanmen
2-6 Tanki, Ryanmenten
2-7 Ryanmenten, Kantan
2-8 Ryanmenten, Pentan
2-9 Kantan, Nobetan
3-1 none Penchan
3-2 Shanpon, Ryanmenten
3-4 None Kanchan
3-5 none Kanchan
3-6 Pentan
3-7 none Kanchan
3-8 none Kanchan
3-9 Pentan
4-1 Ryanmen, Nobetan
4-2 none Kanchan
4-3 none Kanchan
4-5 Entotsu
4-6 Ryanmen
4-7 Double Entotsu
4-8 Entotsu
4-9 Ryanmen
5-1 Kanchan, Tanki
5-2 Ryanmen, Pentan
5-3 Ryanmen, Nakabukure
5-4 Kanchan, Nobetan

The remaining configurations are all mirrors of the ones listed above.

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