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Sashikomi utilized with minimal risk of gyakuten, while ending the game.

Sashikomi 「差し込み」 is the deliberate act of dealing dangerous tiles, in order for another player to win the hand. Normally, players with a large enough point difference can afford the point loss and retain placement. The primary purpose of this strategy intends to either force a wind rotation or outright end the game.


To use this strategy, a player must either have a sizable lead, a marginal point lead vs the next player in placement, and/or familiarity with the scoring table. Furthermore, the player must defend against particular players; or else the strategy is rendered moot by not accomplishing its goal. For example, for the last hand of the game, players should defend against the last dealer in order to prevent additional hands; and otherwise, the last dealer has a chance to win the game by winning enough consecutive and/or large enough hands as the last dealer.

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