Situational analysis

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Situational analysis takes into account important game conditions, mainly the game round and the current scores. This prompts players to a state of awareness regarding their hands and actions necessary to attain particular goals regarding placement. Likewise, players take into account the goals of the other players. Analysis is particularly required during the last hand of the game or even in the extra wind round.

Hand values

Players must know potential hand values to address point differences between players. Given a starting hand, a player may receive a good picture on the viability of attaining a hand of particular value. Naturally, this may stem towards the decision of opening or retaining a closed hand.

Relative goals

Particularly true for the last hand, players may need to address the different goals of the other players. Players in last generally have the win at all cost mentality. Players in either second or third may seek to improvement their placement. Point leaders may simply want the game to end and/or protect their position. The point differences between players indicate any sort of possibility for these scenarios.

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