Chicago Area Mahjong

Chicago Area Mahjong, formerly named Chicago Area Mahjong Players (C.A.M.P.), is a mahjong club within the Chicagoland area, based in Schaumburg, Illinois. Regular meetups are held at the Starbucks at Streets of Woodfield on a weekly basis. The group has been known to use anime conventions, particularly Anime Central, within the area to promote Japanese mahjong and the club itself. The group has been active since 2009 and has had previous iterations under different names, such as the 108 Dragons Club.

Chicago Area Mahjong

Club logo
Country USA
Location Schaumburg, IL
Inception 2007
Leader Aldwin Gordula
Chicago Area Mahjong ruleset
Kuitan, atozuke ari-ari
Starting points 25,000
Ending points
Negative score Game ends
(total ante)
20000 (5000 per player)
Multiple win cases Double ron ari
Call precedence Pon overrides Chii
Dora settings All
Renchan setting Tenpai-renchan
Abortive draws All
House rules
Any variable rules, upon agreement

Anime Central tournament

C.A.M.P. has been hosting this mahjong tournament annually since 2011.

Game rules

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