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Type Yakuman
Kanji 字一色
English All honors
Value Yakuman
Speed Very slow
Difficulty Very hard

Tsuuiisou 「字一色」 is a yakuman in which the hand consists entirely of honor tiles.

Tile pattern

Agari: or


For this yakuman, all kazehai (wind tiles) and sangenpai (dragon tiles) can be used. This gives seven tiles to choose from.

Honor tiles can only be formed as triplets or pairs. Therefore, this yakuman is only reasonable when in possession of multiple toitsu (pairs) of the honor tiles. Otherwise, you can go for yaku like yakuhai and honitsu. Regarding tile discards, any tile that is not an honor tile is deemed irrelevant for the yakuman, including dora tiles. More often than not, players will call pon in order to claim and complete honor tile groups, until tenpai and eventually winning the hand (assuming to be the case).



In addition to triplets, tsuuiisou can be achieved in the form of chiitoitsu. This may be considered as a separate yakuman, daichiishin 「大七星」, meaning "Big Seven Stars". There are exactly seven types of honor tile, and you cannot call pon to complete the hand, so this is much harder than regular tsuiisou. This is optionally worth double yakuman.

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