Kazoe yakuman

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Kazoe yakuman
Type Yakuman
Kanji 数え役満
English Counted Yakuman
Value 13 han minimum
Speed Varied
Difficulty Varied

Kazoe yakuman 「数え役満」 is a special class of yakuman, where hands are composed of regular yaku. Yakuman in this fashion is achieved with the accumulation of 13 han or more via a mixed combination of regular yaku and/or dora. Unlike the other yakuman patterns, the name "kazoe yakuman" is a generic name. Thus, different formations of kazoe yakuman are differentiated by their composition, just like any other hand.

If the hand happens to be a regular yakuman, calculation of han is skipped, even if there were 13 or more. It is per standard rules disallowing the combination of combine kazoe yakuman and regular yakuman to score multiple yakuman with one hand. However, this may be possible using aotenjou.

Finally, any regular yaku may be composed into a kazoe yakuman. Although, it may be easier to incorporate some than others.

Different kazoe combinations

The sheer nature of kazoe allows different possibilities. Any yaku may be composed into a kazoe yakuman. Although, some are better suited and offers a greater chance of achieving the necessary 13+ han.

Chinitsu based

With chinitsu already at 6 han while closed, this hand is already almost half-way to the needed 13 han for kazoe yakuman. Naturally, other yaku and/or dora are necessary in order to increase the han count to 13. Nevertheless, chinitsu is a common yaku for this combination.


Tsumo: . Dora indicator:

Dora based

Large numbers of dora can easily push hands beyond the 13 han limit. This is particularly true with kan dora and ura dora (with kan ura dora).


  • Riichi with 12+ dora
Ron: or . Dora indicators: . Ura-dora indicators:

Without dora

A few possible kazoe yakuman combinations do not require dora to achieve 13 han.



Rule variations

Some rules may not recognize kazoe yakuman. In that case, a hand worth 13 han or more would be treated as a sanbaiman instead.

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